Klondike Kate 2019 Contest

Congratulations to Klondike Kate 2018 Natalia Hemingway!   Natalia could make over 300 appearances before we crown the new Kate.  Each fall we hold a Tea to meet our wannabes and give them as much information as we can about our organization and what to expect.  If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about what it takes, please send an email to klondikekates@gmail.com

The only requirement we have is that contestants must be 21 or older.  Kates come in all shapes and sizes!  It doesn't matter if you're busty, bare, curvy or straight.  If you have what it takes you could just wear the sash!

Please send an email to klondikekates@gmail.com and get added to our WannaBe List!

We will be having an information session on Saturday, September 8th, 2018.  Please contact by email at klondikekates@gmail.com or by phone at 651-289-KATE(5283) for details on time and location.

Wannabe Application (click to download PDF)

Welcome Letter (click to download PDF)

Agreement (click to download PDF)




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